Accurate AF – the Citizen Chronomaster

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Accurate AF – the Citizen Chronomaster

Post by koimaster » June 18th 2021, 10:28am

This year, Citizen got the watch world talking about quartz watches in a positive light with the release of the Caliber 0100, the wristwatch version of a piece-unique pocket watch they released in 2018. This release seemed to take some by surprise, but Citizen, just like their countrymen at Seiko, have been making very accurate quartz watches for some time. A flagship model in their collection is the Citizen Chronomaster, a watch that has just been released in new limited edition dial colours. ... -editions/

Review: Enter the dragon: The Citizen AQ 4020-54Y. Best quartz watch in the world?

What comes to mind when one thinks of Citizen watches? Probably inexpensive watches, robustly built. Made for the masses. While this is true as the name Citizen was actually given to the first watch they produced in 1924 for this very reason – as a watch for the citizens of the world. But we also discern a true engineering spirit from within the company. After all, this is a corporation who makes in excess of 200 million watches a year, and led not by professional managers or sale/marketing people, but by engineers. And from this rich engineering heritage, comes interesting technology. Like Super titanium. Like Eco-drive. This brings us to the subject watch. Simply labelled as The Citizen, aka The Chronomaster. A very special quartz watch with features a zaratsu polished case and a washi paper dial. Could this be the best quartz watch in the world? ... the-world/
Citizen Chronomaster: Your High Accuracy Quartz Watch

In the world of horology, the Citizen Chronomaster is undoubtedly iconic for its accuracy and impeccable timekeeping. There are multiple reasons why watch collectors and enthusiasts would love to get their hands on this remarkable timepiece. In that regard, we’re here to spill you everything you need to know about the proverbial Citizen Chronomaster.
Citizen Chronomaster Up Close
The Case and Strap

At first glance, you’d probably think the Citizen Chronomaster is just another classic stainless steel watch. However, it’s actually streets ahead than the average stainless steel watch available nowadays in the market. Aside from its iconic Eco-Drive Technology, Citizen unveiled yet another amazing innovation from under its sleeves: the Citizen Super Titanium. Notably, the Citizen Chronomaster capitalises on this new Citizen technology for its case and strap ... rtz-watch/

The Ultimate Guide to High-Accuracy Quartz Watches ... -seiko-9f/


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