Vintage Citizen Movement tables

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Vintage Citizen Movement tables

Post by koimaster » August 23rd 2017, 8:45am

One of the obvious gaps in the information about vintage Citizens is a comprehensive summary of the movements they used in their model range. Conversely, a table showing the movements used in Seiko’s has been available for some time, and is a great tool for seeing how the movements were developed over time and what were the key dates in the history of the brand.

A movement table is invaluable for collectors in identifying old watches correctly, since it can show, for example: jewel count; whether or not day and date windows will be present; and what speed the watch runs at – beats per hour. After a fair bit of research, particularly gathering reliable reference material, I have been able to put together a movement table, covering the period 1931 to 1980. Importantly, it’s always work in progress since new information will be added as it becomes available – the table has had several revisions so far.

The table is laid out in chronological order, earliest first – follow the link below. And I’ve tried to cover the models used with each movement so that key dial markings are available as well as movement number or name.

And finally, you can find at the end of the table a page on how to date a particular model where there is a serial number stamped on the case back – Citizen started to do this more consistently from about 1960.

If you have any information that could be added, or which would amend the existing table, please let me know, I am more than happy to revise it!


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