Movement versions update, official STOWA information

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Movement versions update, official STOWA information

Post by koimaster » July 1st 2019, 9:45am

Movement update from Stowa in 2013. Is Stowa even still a player in the watch world anymore? They used to be a forum favorite several years back.

Hello everybody,

the most of you know the problems for getting ETA movements.

We are still in the comfortable situation to get official movements from ETA and we are also happy to get new movements from SOPROD, the A10 which we already have in the Antea 365.
(Antea 390 and Marine Automatik are following with A10 movement, they are already to order in the shop!)

Today we changed the picture for our ETA 2824-2 movements we have now available.
(please have a look at this new ovements here)

We can offer 2 "new" versions in the future, the TOP and the TOP with blued screws.

Both movements are new for us in this specification and we are happy to get this movements in a big enough quantitie for next year.

BUT: We have to change a bit the content of the shop.

First, please have a look at this pictures i have attached, pictures says more than words.

1 - the Basic Movement we deliver from June 2014 is attached in picture 1.
The former basic movement is not longer available from ETA and the delivery date for the new ones is very long - the next movements we receive in June 2014 !
(BUT pleas be advised if you have ordered a watch with basic movement till today 29.10 Oktober, you will get the movement like you have ordered!, like always )

But we are happy to offer the Top and TOP with blue screws you can see now, this two movements are available from January 2014 :
2 - the first new one is a TOP movement with a special finish and the TOP Quality of ETA.
Without blue screws you have to add 80. Euros (including VAT) to you watch.

3- the same TOP movement with blue screws is additional Euro 130.- (including VAT) more

Maybe in the future we will get again our former and absolutely TOP movement with Chronometerquality parts, this was always additional costs of Euro 170.-.(they are not available at this moment)

The stock of this movement we have to use for our TESTAF watches, all movements we have stocked are reserve for this special watch (we hae a long and big preorderlist)
By the way, last week the TESTAF watch already got the certification of the Fh Aachen.

The watch passed all tests without problems in the first try !! (official announcement will come soon, we are waiting for all the papers at the moment, the watches are under production and we deliver the first watches next week)

Back to the movement situation.

If you want to order a watch now with ETA 2824 movement you can choose from one of the above described movements.

Please be advised that the BASIS movement is available from June 2014, TOP and TOP with blued screws will be available from January 2014.

For all people who ordered in the last days watches with the TOP movement for a addtional price of Euro 170.- will get the TOP movement with Chronometerparts !!!

So please don´t think you pay more than the now charged 130.- for the movement you can see here.

This is TOP Version without the chronometer parts. !

Anyway, maybe a bit confusion for so many different movements, believe us, we would like to have a situation which is easier for you and us!

But ETA´s politic doesn´t match our wishes, not only ours, the most of the watchbrands worldwide.

BUT: We can guarantee to deliver like always the best quality for best price.

It doesn´t matter which kind of movement you order:
Our watchmakers regulate all movements wth care, so you wouldn´t feel a difference between the 3 movements on your wrist !

Please ask people here in the forum, they all can confirm this STOWA quality

So, enough words, please have a look at he pictures and decide for yourself if you need TOP (+ 80.- Euro) or Top with blued screws (+ 130.- Euro)or the BASIS (for the basic price)

If you are not sure dont be hesitate to contact us under [email protected] or ake a phone call .-)

We help you to choose the perfect one.

Best regards

Jörg Schauer from your STOWA Team

AND: Like always, all this informations now belongs only for all coming orders.
If you have a watch under order, nothing changes , you get what you have ordered !

We hope that we can finish the work on the shop next week, at the moment you only can order the BASIS Versions, the other movement specifications you have to order by mail or phone and we confirm ASAP with a orderconfirmation with the choosen movement version and the right price.

Easy and fast like always.

Thanks for your patience! ... 23641.html


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