Stowa Flieger Klassik 40 Baumuster B-Uhr

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Stowa Flieger Klassik 40 Baumuster B-Uhr

Post by koimaster » June 2nd 2017, 8:47am

The German ‘Flieger’ style watch is one of the most recognizable military-inspired designs of the modern era. Originally produced in the 1940’s exclusively for the German Air Force, it was designed to aid pilots and navigators on mission-critical tasks miles above the European theatre of World War II.

Produced back then by a handful of Swiss and German companies (ALS, Laco, Stowa, Wempe, and IWC to be specific), the German Flieger still enjoys modern popularity, with new models in production by many of the same companies that were operational during the mid-century. There is no doubt that the Flieger has cemented itself as an important milestone in horology, despite it’s connection with such a dark and nefarious part of human history.

Now under the leadership of Jörg Schauer, Stowa has built a business focused on exceptionally well-made timepieces that pay homage to the company’s own unique history. Like many of the German watch companies we feature here, Stowa’s catalog is well-finished, with remarkable attention to detail, and positioned as a relative value when compared to their Swiss counterparts. Amongst Stowa’s most popular models – Stowa’s line of Flieger inspired watches include over a dozen variations, with multiple case sizes and dial configurations, expressing the classic form of the landmark original in several ways.

Today we’ll be taking a closer look at the Stowa Flieger Klassik 40 Baumuster “Observation Watch” – a stark homage to the German B-Uhr pilot’s watch that has become an icon for aviation watch enthusiasts worldwide. ... -183428485


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