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Post by jason_recliner » January 12th 2022, 6:57pm

My fellow Lords, this is it, the BIG one. The one you've been waiting for. Sell a kidney, rob a bowling alley, do whatever it takes to get out of the NBZ zone.

I am proud to present - nay, it is my honour and privilege to present to you the very limited Kobold Everest Edition with a stone dial from Hillary Step:

https://www.watchuseek.com/threads/fs-k ... p.5371005/

I don't know much about this watch, I only remember Kobold for making really expensive dive watches that looked just like a bunch of other microbrands but the DWC boys told me if I don't understand why they cost so much I'm an idiot. Well, this one is $5,000, reduced from $16,500, and it must be really expensive because Hillary knows what a piece of her doorstep is worth. Or she didn't even want to sell a piece of her doorstep and Kobold had to hire a crack squad of ex-Seal Team 6 mercenary types to break into her compound and burglarise one of her doorsteps (no doubt she'd have more than one leading up to her front door). Either way, rest assured, I get it. This is a HOLY GRAIL, after all.

The seller has very kindly offered to PM the invoice showing the original value of $16,500 to only serious buyers. I PM'd him and asked if I could have a copy of the invoice to insert in this IWTBMHA thread, and offered him $900 (it's got a 2892 inside and I quite like the dial and straps) but he said Please do not waste my time or low ball as this is very rare timepiece and I would gladly keep. He was on to me right from the beginning, it would seem.

The watch comes with a bunch of emails from Ralph Fiennes about how they are lucky to have a piece of rock from Everest because it disappeared after they ripped it out and carried down the mountain to be sold off to idiots an earthquake. But you wouldn't have to keep them, you could just bin them if you don't want email print-outs from some Pommy actor cluttering your office drawers.

The seller notes that the stone dial has marks on it and you can clearly see how it was cut. I wasn't previously aware that tooling marks are a sign of quality but no doubt the DWC gang could set me straight. Apart from the bung dial (credit here for full disclosure), the seller advises there is very limited wear as this is a watch collectors dream. Having said that, there appears to be all manner of deep gouges, scratches, and other wear and tear on the caseback - not sure what that's all about.

This watch is "very cool", according to the seller. Run, don't walk, if this Holy Grail Dream Watch hasn't already sold by the time you read this.
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Post by Mark1 » January 12th 2022, 9:46pm

It's sweet, but I can't pull the trigger on a stone dial without Geeknomo signing off on it.
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Post by bbattle » January 13th 2022, 6:41am

https://koboldwatch.com/collections/key ... st-edition

It's sporting a Unitas 3497 movement.

Not even a disastrous design flaw could dampen the excitement over this watch:

"The first run of Himalaya Everest Edition watches was limited to 25 pieces, which sold out soon after Kobold opened its flagship store in Kathmandu. This edition, however, had a design problem. The dial was too thick to accommodate even the highest hand height available on a Swiss movement (height #4), causing the hour hand to touch the dial. The result was that most of the first edition watches failed in the field.

Despite this recurring problem, some of the original Himalaya Everest watches have sold for substantially more than the $16,500 list price. In 2012 at a watch auction in London, one of these unique watches changed owners for GBP 25,000. "
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Post by codguy » January 13th 2022, 11:10am

Love the email exchange stating he will cherish his Himalaya Everest Edition watch............ but put it up for sail.

Hope he doesn't have cherished offsPrings.

"Please do not waste my time or low ball as this is very rare timepiece and I would gladly keep."

OK, keep it and don't do others a favor buy celling it/ enjoy your rare tiMepiece and maye I recommend doing so with a big bowl of Honey Oat Cheerios.


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