IWTBMHA: Similar to Rolex

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IWTBMHA: Similar to Rolex

Post by jason_recliner » July 7th 2021, 9:57pm

"Similar to Rolex", in as much you're being ripped off, perhaps :diggn:

Best offer over $1,500 gets this Miyota 8215-powered wartche that "NEVER made to production!" A $1,500 8215 wartche never made production? You don't say!

"Brand New with box and card un-named so would be the name of the very owner :)." Word.

https://www.watchuseek.com/threads/the- ... g.5180195/

ReaRam Boi has only been trying to sell this fine collectible timepiece since May 2020 so I suggest you act fast.
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Re: IWTBMHA: Similar to Rolex

Post by conjurer » July 7th 2021, 10:54pm

AFAIK, the Milgauss never had a rotating bezel. It did, however, have a disconcertingly stupid ziggy seconds hand, which goes a long way to prove that the Swiss, when engineering wartches for guys who work in power plants, indeed had a sense of humor.

However, 37 bumps (including a daring 24 hour sale of only $999 dollers, which nobody jumped on, the dizzy fucks) is pretty impressive.
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