How has this not sold already?

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How has this not sold already?

Post by jason_recliner » January 21st 2021, 8:43pm

Some of you with historical WG experience might be familiar with this tool watch, but for those of us who never became Invictims I present to you the Invicta 24073 Coalition Forces:


You think that looks like shit? Wait until you see the profile:


A little overwrought, but nothing that increasing the bezel height couldn't fix.

According to the caseback (and dial) this wartche is intrinsic:


Eyal never did miss an opportunity to demonstrate that English is his second language :roll:

11 months and a $180 price reduction later, how has this not sold already???
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Re: How has this not sold already?

Post by biglove » January 21st 2021, 9:06pm

Puny little girl's watch.
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