I Want To Be Made Whole--Richard Mille!

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Re: I Want To Be Made Whole--Richard Mille!

Post by biglove » January 19th 2021, 9:54pm

Yeah, because folks spending $200K on a watch are looking to buy 2nd hand.

RM...for those with billionaire bank accounts and trailer park tastes.
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Re: I Want To Be Made Whole--Richard Mille!

Post by jason_recliner » January 20th 2021, 5:57pm

bbattle wrote:
January 20th 2021, 5:42pm
One of the professional cycling teams has Richard Mille as a second tier sponsor so at least the top guys on the team are wearing them while they race. Crashing at 40mph is not good for humans, I don't think even a six-figure watch is going to fare well, either.

Lame. As if the Garmin doesn't tell the time.
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