12 Questions with Giles English - Bremont founder

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12 Questions with Giles English - Bremont founder

Post by koimaster » February 1st 2019, 9:57am

Giles English is the co-founder of Bremont watches. After a tragic plane crash that would change their lives forever, Giles and brother Nick set up Bremont. They are part of a handful of new watch companies trying to revive the UK watch industry.

1. Describe briefly your childhood.

My childhood was an amazing adventure, life was spent in the work shop, in a plane or on a boat – all of which were massive passions of my father. He was a PHD Aeronautical Engineer from Cambridge but had an amazing ability to build things. From old clocks to aircraft that we still fly today. I learnt to fly when I was 17 out of our back garden and we lived on a boat for 6 months, I was a very lucky child.

2. As a child did you have any driving ambition?

I always wanted to be an RAF pilot or a boat designer. Clocks and watches was a hobby and a love, but at that stage I never thought of it as a profession.

https://www.thenakedwatchmaker.com/peop ... nglish-eng


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