Is that the Original …..?

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Is that the Original …..?

Post by koimaster » August 21st 2022, 12:56pm

When buying a pre-owned luxury watch, it is not unusual to ask the question – “Is that the original Rolex X, Y or Z?”

Many people can be sticklers for originality. Why is this I wonder?

I suppose it’s because a watch that has had lots of parts replaced is a bit like ‘Trigger’s broom’ and perhaps that 1993 Submariner may not all be that old. Buying an original Rolex, with all the date corresponding parts, can be extremely important to many people.

So what gets changed over time? Why does it happen? And how important is it?

Let’s see shall we…?

The Dial

This is the most obvious and important component of any watch. When it comes to originality and this is the first place that you should look.

With a Rolex there are so many subtle differences, especially with the most collectable models, that it takes a specialist to be really confident of what they’re dealing with. It’s this and this alone which has led us to decline politely whenever we’ve been asked to source a Paul Newman Daytona for a client. It’s a minefield – one that’s certainly possible to cross safely but not a journey that I want to make myself. ... q5VabYw5lw


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