Tudor Submariner Snowflake

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Tudor Submariner Snowflake

Post by koimaster » December 28th 2021, 10:46am

Its been said a number of times but there really is only one Rolex Submariner, the rest are all just clones…but one watch is less of a clone than the others…. The Tudor Submariner.

For those that don’t know there is “actually” very little difference between the design and conception of Tudor and Rolex. Apart from Tudor watch movements generally having fewer jewels, their conception and construction were virtually identical to those of Rolex. Rolex felt strongly that in producing a “second line” of watches, the public perception of Tudor had to be equivalent to that of Rolex. As such, they even extended the Rolex warranty to all Tudors at the time. All early Tudors, until the mid-1990's, featured Rolex crowns and cases. Rolex bracelets were used until 1971 when the first Tudor signed bracelets appeared on women’s watches.”




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Re: Tudor Submariner Snowflake

Post by boscoe » December 30th 2021, 12:47pm

This is a good resource.
I have avoided Tudor Snowflakes since the turn of the century when Hong Kong knocked them off by the thousands and the hands were readily available on eBay.
I like my vintage (ETA 2824) Tudor Sub because it rides flatter on the wrist than the Rolex despite the same case.
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