The New Rolex 36mm Explorer 124270

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Re: The New Rolex 36mm Explorer 124270

Post by TemerityB » December 24th 2021, 6:38pm

The reviewer made a great point there: There's some components of their new movements that Rolex is now keeping entirely proprietorial - they're not going to supply those parts to anyone else. Which means, if your watch craps out, it has to be Rolex that repairs them. Which means, no matter how good your local watchmaker may be, he or she can't fix is because there's no way to get the parts. Which means, it could start a whole black market of phony Rolex parts, but we won't even broach that just yet.

36mm is a sweet spot for me, so of course I'm attracted to this size. It's also one of the fairer price points in the current line (if you can find one). The movement is just exceptional, but by all means, don't drop that watch, Jack.
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