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Post by koimaster » September 25th 2021, 8:42am

In vintage Rolex circles, the Rolex Daytona Oyster “Sotto” aka RCO does not require an introduction but for the uninitiated, the model is easily explained. The Oyster “Sotto” is a Ref. 6263 screw-down pusher Daytona with black 3-colour Paul Newman dial. What makes this model special is that the “Oyster” designation is not located between Rolex and Cosmograph, as on more common Paul Newman “Panda” dials, but underneath Cosmograph (ROC vs. RCO) – thus “Sotto” which is Italian for underneath/below. Instead of producing new dials, Rolex used up existing Ref. 6262/6264 pump-pusher dials and had the “Oyster” designation added underneath Cosmograph. There are two types of RCOs, the “Mk 1” and the rarer “Mk 2” variant with a slightly different Rolex logo. So far, just about 20 proper pieces have surfaced. ... TGlQuTquMY


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