Rolex Subs and rubbers

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Rolex Subs and rubbers

Post by koimaster » July 23rd 2021, 8:38am

Sorry Matt, but I would never put my Rolex Submariner on a rubber strap

Matt. I hear you. You made your case. But I would never, ever, remove the bracelet from my Rolex Submariner ref. 114060 – or any Rolex for that matter. I cry blasphemy here not because a rubber strap looks particularly bad on the watch, in fact I concede it looks fine and is probably very comfortable if you can affix your gridlock clasp to the strap to maintain the level of adjustability offered by GlideLock. But I just couldn’t do it to my Rolex Sub. More often than not, I am known to be a factory configuration purist, the only exception swapping a factory leather for an aftermarket offering of higher quality or a better fit for my smaller sized wrist. In my opinion, since a Rolex is so hard to source these days, once one arrives in your collection isn’t it worth appreciating the full experience the crown offers? Let me explain… ... ber-strap/

Original topic that started it is below ... ber-strap/


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