Rolex tries to steal microbrand’s trademark

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Rolex tries to steal microbrand’s trademark

Post by koimaster » February 18th 2021, 11:51pm

Rolex wants to take a microbrand’s trademark

Kiger, a watch micro brand made by Mark Kiger is the David in a David vs Goliath battle with one of the biggest Swiss watch brands you know: Rolex.

Why would Rolex pick on a small-time watch guy with just one watch model for sale? Because they want his trademark.

Kiger has made just one watch model, with a few different variations in case and dial. All have carried a name that Kiger trademarked years ago, in 2014: Milsub.

The Kiger Dial, mk2
‘Waitaminute,’ you say, ‘how could that be?’
That’s because you -think- you know where the word ‘milsub’ comes from.

First, let’s go on a ridiculously long diversion on the history of wristwatches and the military branches.


1938 and Officine Panerai

In 1935, Panerai was awarded the contract to make dive watches for the Italian Navy. They partnered with Rolex to produce the watches. Movements, cases, and crowns were all made by Rolex for Panerai, for the Italian Navy. This continued, and while Panerai began using less expensive Angelus movements, Rolex continued to provide the case and crown until the 1950s. ... 5f0tJrgOhE


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Re: Rolex tries to steal microbrand’s trademark

Post by labman » February 19th 2021, 12:50am

Not a bad read, shows corporate greed.

Want the guys trademark? Pay him a lot of money for it.

Has me wondering if Rolex's actuaries have calculated lawyer cost and litigation fees would be less than a legitimate offer to buy the trademark from him?

After reading the article it seems, at least on the surface, that this case should be thrown out.

Then they'll appeal, etc..

Hope Kiger get to keep his trademark and costs to cover his attorney's fees.
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