GMTII Question

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GMTII Question

Post by maverick » January 23rd 2021, 6:18pm

I have a 116710LN bought new. It's a very early Z81.. serial number. Two years ago it got it's first service and been fine since. It now is off by one hour. I corrected that and a day or two later it was one hour off. I thought I didn't set it right and took some time making sure it set it correctly. It became one hour off again???? I have never heard of this problem. Since it can be set one hour at a time apparently it can be off one hour at a time. It's going back to Dallas SC Monday. The 2 year warranty just ran out a few months ago. They said they might make some price adjustments due to that fact. I will have to wear either a Casio or my 116500LN. I will miss my GMT while it's gone. :-( This have been a super watch for me and has lots of memories like 50K+ miles on a Harley. :-) This is why a Rolex is worth the price. I paid less than 6K new and will have to insure it for over 13K.
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Re: GMTII Question

Post by koimaster » January 23rd 2021, 9:30pm

Nice watch and hopefully the repair bill is not painful. Have you given your watch a full manual wind thats 40 plus full crown turns clockwise only dont worry as you cannot over-wind it.

Doubtful it has been magnetized.


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