entry level’ Rolex models

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entry level’ Rolex models

Post by koimaster » December 12th 2020, 2:00pm

Be quick! These ‘entry level’ Rolex models are available to buy now (at time of posting)

Editor’s note: Posting stories about Rolex watches you can buy now is like trying to hold a live fish down to get the hook out. A very slippery business. We have had to re-write this post twice already, as the models we’re nominating are slipping away as quickly as we write about them. So, if you see anything you like, move fast, or forever hold your peace. And apologies in advance if – once again – they’ve disappeared before you snap them up.

Entry-level Rolex. Words that don’t necessarily sit in the same sentence, but you still want to ask the question. What are the best affordable entry-level Rolex pieces, comparatively? We’ve scoured the inventory of Bob’s Watches and found the new truth. Yes, there are still good Rolex references to be found and no, there are no exaggeration here, this is reality.

https://timeandtidewatches.com/bobs-wat ... vel-rolex/


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Re: entry level’ Rolex models

Post by TemerityB » December 12th 2020, 5:38pm

The current new 41mm Oyster Perpetuals in the day-glo colors are already scarce, and they're asking double list price for some new unworn ones on the secondary market (including my favorite indie store in LI) ... and they're getting it.

I'm a Rolex fan, but I'm not paying more than list for anything. That's bat shit. I'd rather "settle" for any one of 100 other good brands.

It's not Rolex's fault - the market is doing this, not them. I mean, some of those prices in this post are way more than list. Not me, Pete.

The dirty little secret is that if you want to order an OP at an AD, you can get it, but you have to wait. People can't wait.

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