Retail versus secondhand

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Retail versus secondhand

Post by koimaster » November 8th 2020, 12:36am

Retail versus secondhand: which 5 Rolex models have the most inflated prices on the seconds market?

Rolex watches are a universal status symbol, and among the most recognisable luxury items on the planet. The craze over their timepieces has never been greater, further propelling the brand away from its tool watch origins towards the pinnacle of luxury wristwear. With consumers flocking to buy out their catalogue, Rolex watches have become harder and harder to track down at retail – and as a result, conspiracies are rampant among consumers frustrated by enigmatic, Machiavellian waiting lists and seemingly scarce production.

While it is not news to anyone that Rolex watches retain their value, we wanted to do a deep dive into a range of models, to determine the difference between MSRP (the manufacturer’s suggested retail price) and what the watches sell for on the seconds market. The objective is to determine the five most price-inflated models. ... econdhand/


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