Rolex Meteorite Dial History

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Rolex Meteorite Dial History

Post by koimaster » October 5th 2020, 11:11am

The "Gibeon" Meteorite, a Class IVA meteorite, was first reported in 1838 by Captain J.E. Alexander. However, the meteorite’s history stretches back millions of years before it was ever "discovered" by humans. Scientists believe that the Gibeon meteorite fell to Earth in prehistoric times, landing in the Namibian desert near the town of Gibeon. The meteorite shattered upon entry, and scattered more than 26,000 kilograms of interstellar metal along the east side of the Great Fish River in Great Namaqualand, Namibia.

The Gibeon meteorite most likely originated as a piece of molten planetary core, which was released when the planet broke apart billions of years ago. The meteorite then made its way slowly through space, traveling for millions of years until it landed on Earth. As the molten meteorite traveled, it cooled in the vacuum of space. While slowly cooling, the famous Widmanstätten pattern (named after Alois von Beckh Widmanstätten) formed, leaving the unique ribbons of crystalized iron and nickel composites that are revealed when the material is cut into slices.
Rolex: Always Looking for Rare Finds

Rolex, ever searching for the best and most exclusive materials, utilized pieces of the rare space rock as part of the raw materials for the construction of their watches. Rolex was the first manufacturer to utilize slices of meteorite to develop completely unique dials, pairing them with other rare metals like 18k gold or 950 platinum to develop truly unique and collectable versions of their most noteworthy watches. ... orite-dial


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Re: Rolex Meteorite Dial History

Post by TemerityB » October 15th 2020, 7:44pm

boscoe wrote:
October 15th 2020, 7:26pm
Only to be mimicked by Eel Lyer and Invicturd.
Invicturd meteorite always looked great on TV disappointing in person.
Rolex dials are excellent looking.
Butt eye gots ay Gibbon Mee Tee Ore Ite Invicterwartch four own lee Sex Hunnred Box awn thee Telebision.
Best of luck to all my longtime friends here. Please stay safe, always.
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