Rolex ‘Space-Dweller’

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Rolex ‘Space-Dweller’

Post by koimaster » September 9th 2020, 5:49pm

Collecting vintage Rolex is all about nuance. A tiny change in spacing or word order on the dial lettering can add thousands to the value of a watch, so long as it is all original. One of the rarest Rolexes went further and, for a short run, completely changed the name of the model. This is the little-known and highly coveted Rolex Space-Dweller.

Rolex registered the “Explorer” trademark in January 1953, although it had been supplying Oyster Perpetuals to various expeditions since the 1930s and using the subsequent feedback to refine its watch development. By 1963, the Explorer had been through a number of evolutions culminating with the launch of the reference 1016.

The early 1960s represented the depths of the Cold War. In 1962, the Cuban Missile Crisis almost turned it hot, and space exploration wasn’t simply a technological challenge, it was an ideological battle between East and West. The names of the seven astronauts chosen for America’s first human spaceflight programme, Project Mercury, were announced in 1959 only six months after the establishment of Nasa itself. Selected from more than 500 test pilots, the “Mercury Seven” created a whole new profession and achieved instant celebrity around the world, their exploits followed with fanatical scrutiny. For a watch company such as Rolex, with exploration at the heart of its marketing message, some association with the ultimate expedition seemed inevitable. ... ce-dweller


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