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How Rolex Found a New Market

Posted: September 8th 2020, 6:27pm
by koimaster
The Great Escape: How a Rolex Watched Helped Brit POWs & How Rolex Found a New Market – the USA

The name Rolex is often associated with luxurious wristwatches, synonymous with impeccable quality and style – and with a price to match.

While all this stands today, during WWII, the Rolex Company openly showed its support to the Allied cause, practically giving away their state-of-the-art watches to officers who had been captured by the Germans and were POWs.

The Rolex Company was founded in 1905 by a German, Hans Wilsdorf, and an Englishman, Alfred Turdling. It was first based in London, but in 1919, Rolex moved to Geneva Switzerland, where they continued to manufacture watches. They are still in Geneva today, producing around 2,000 luxurious watches per year. ... 5Wf-diJg5Y