Rolex GMT-master Pepsi pilot watch

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Rolex GMT-master Pepsi pilot watch

Post by koimaster » April 4th 2020, 11:31am

The sole wristwatch strictly chosen on a personal basis by both American astronauts and Russian cosmonauts to be worn onboard a spaceflight mission !


June 1959, testpilot Scott Crossfield presented the X-15 wearing a Rolex GMT-master pilot watch.
1963, cosmonaut Andriyan Nikolayev, who married Valentina Tereshkova, was pictured wearing a Rolex GMT-master pilot watch.


Oct 1967, USAF test pilot William Pete Knight wore his Rolex GMT-master Pepsi on X-15 flights 188 and 190. Flight 188 set a Mach 6.7 speed record and Flight 190 flew above 84 km, making it an USAF space flight mission!
April 1970, Apollo 13 CMP John Jack Swigert wore his personal Rolex GMT-master 1675 Pepsi to the Moon & back...
April 1971, cosmonaut Vladimir Shatalov was pictured wearing a Rolex GMT-master Pepsi during training for the Soyuz 10 mission. He probably wore it on that mission!


1974 Andriyan Nikolayev wore a Rolex GMT-master in his official portrait as a Major General, head of the Cosmonaut Corps.
Rolex GMT-master wristwatches made it to the lunar surface on Apollo 14 and 17. Thus far the Rolex GMT-master has been worn on 15 Space Shuttle & ISS spaceflight missions.


Astronauts Frank Borman and Michael Collins already wore a Rolex, respectively Explorer and Turn-O-Graph in 1962 and 1966...
Apollo astronauts with a Rolex GMT-master: Schirra, Lovell, Worden, Shepard, Mitchell, Roosa, Evans, Cernan.


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