New 5508 Small Crown Record

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Re: New 5508 Small Crown Record

Post by Pubbie » May 14th 2019, 3:50am

smellody wrote:A mere $500k!

This 5508's serial # is 39k before mine. ... archPage=1

Super exciting stuff! Premium watch that doesn't appear to have been used at all.

And now it never will ;). Air-conditioned, humidity-managed, temperature-controlled bank safe vault for you, Mr so-called "Tool Watch"!

i have a bet with a friend of mine at work who likes his Rolexes so much that he bought an Oysterquartz that the steel GMT will be fifty thousand dollars on the grey by the end of the year. It's already at 25, with a list of 10, so there's no "law" that says it can't be 50. My friend reckons 30. The existence of the PM version for less than this is of course irrelevant; people aren't looking to use the PM version to ape the steel one. The point is, "it's the steel one".
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