The Name Game: Rolex Nicknames

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The Name Game: Rolex Nicknames

Post by koimaster » April 11th 2016, 9:42pm

A Rolex by any other name is often still a Rolex. If you know the code. We offer insight to the many nicknames collectors give to pieces from their favorite Swiss watch company.

When it comes to watches, one often hears technical terms and jargon that to any non-collector may seem crazy. But to those whose veins run rich with “watch fever,” there are many of these terms, and all represent a never-ending sea of discovery and excitement.

Among the most enthralling and intense of the watch collecting sub-cultures is the vast (and ever-expanding) world of vintage Rolex. Although I could not even begin to touch on every facet of Rolex nomenclature and collector-centric terms within this one article, I would like to just provide an introduction to the vintage Rolex universe by focusing on some of the more commonly heard nicknames of pieces from years past. With names like Root Beer, Stella, Steve McQueen, and most recently the Batman, it is hard to resist the temptation to learn more. ... ign=buffer


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