Owner’s Review: The Grand Seiko SBGA375

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Owner’s Review: The Grand Seiko SBGA375

Post by koimaster » October 4th 2022, 4:49pm

This is a review quite some time in the making. It started in March of 2021 when I went a little crazy. Well, watch-crazy, to be more accurate. You know that mental state when you get obsessed with a watch and can’t stop looking up information about it, the brand, the movement, comparable watches (to make sure you’re correct in your obsession), etc? Yeah, that. Somehow, somewhere, the idea of Grand Seiko’s Spring Drive got deep in my psyche, and I needed to get one. Not wanted, needed.

Be warned, what follows is a first-hand account of watch-induced madness. A journey from an idea to an obsession to a purchase. This isn’t a typical review but more of a personal recounting of my experiences with a watch I’ve spent a lot of time with (which, I suppose is what I review is, but I digress). If you’re looking for pure stats and objective analysis of design features, this isn’t necessarily going to be for you, though there will be plenty of both… you’ve been warned.

https://wornandwound.com/review/owners- ... 375-video/


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Re: Owner’s Review: The Grand Seiko SBGA375

Post by codguy » October 5th 2022, 8:09am

OTMF wrote:
October 4th 2022, 7:07pm
Not a fan of cut out power reserve. (Or any power reserve indicator on the dial). I don't see the need.
Just wind your watch.
Believe some people don't see the need for a second hand nor a day or date display either.
I will also go out on a limb to say many folks don't even have the need for a watch that requires winding or arm movement to keep it charged up for that matter.

Hell, I even know people that don't see a need to even wear a watch. I'm with you OTMF, simply a matter of choice.

As for the OP watch, spring drives have never sparked my interest.


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