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An Introduction to Credor

Posted: February 13th 2020, 11:09am
by Darksider
You may not know it, but Grand Seiko has a rival in Japanese
watchmaking. That rival is the well-kept, albeit open, secret that is Credor,
another elite brand of Seiko, but despite descending from the same legendary
parent, they have very different ideas as to what makes the perfect watch.

But before we get into what Credor is today, we should start at
the beginning, 1974. Grand Seiko had successfully established Seiko as one of
the world’s greatest watchmakers in the 1960s, but the nascent brand’s
celebration was cut short by a piece that ended the watch world as we know it,
the Seiko Astron, in 1969. By the early 1970s, Seiko was aware that quartz was
the future, and that Grand Seiko, a brand known for accurate mechanical
movements, no longer made sense in a portfolio that included far more accurate
quartz watches. ... .11072411/

Re: An Introduction to Credor

Posted: February 13th 2020, 4:48pm
by bbattle
<wiping drool off face> Wow! thanks for the article.

My favorites were the simple models that look a lot like Grand Seikos.

I do appreciate that Seiko has wisely differentiated the brands enough and allowed Credor the independence to make bold, perhaps risky, statements.

Now, if I only had a spare $10,000 lying around. Champagne dreams and caviar wishes, indeed.