Grand Seiko 6146-8000 Restoration

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Grand Seiko 6146-8000 Restoration

Post by koimaster » October 11th 2019, 9:16am

Grand Seiko 6146-8000 Restoration and Review | The First High-Beat Grand Seiko

Oct 2019

Posted by Martin in 6146, 6245, Dress watches, Grand Seiko, Seiko, Vintage

By way of an epilogue to the most recent entry, I submit here a link to a review of sorts of the finished article. The video covers some of the ground presented in the full article but is in essence a watch review rather than a moving picture account of the restoration. Having said that, you will find insights therein to the question of the un-serviceable barrel, some footage of the running movement during its reconstruction and a brief comparison with the first automatic Grand Seiko, the 62GS.

I believe I am making some small advances in production quality, notably the lighting and sound. However, I suspect that my method of actually generating the content will not change a great deal as it involves quite a bit of talking off the top of my head, and then stitching together sequences to support some sort of narrative, and I feel comfortable with that approach. I am aware that I need to break up the action with a bit more b-roll (see I’m acquiring the YouTuber vernacular already) and that arguably this episode is perhaps a tad too long, but I’d be interested to receive any feedback, should you feel inclined to offer up any such.

https://adventuresinamateurwatchfettlin ... 6146-8000/



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