This Is Grand Seiko" 9S Movement Manufacturing

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Re: This Is Grand Seiko" 9S Movement Manufacturing

Post by Hawk » April 25th 2019, 9:11am

tiktok wrote:This sheit lasts forever and is impeccably consistent. When I was working in midtown I shot the bull at the Seiko boutique far beyond my welcome and never witnessed a warranty return.

My local AD has learned just exactly how to pluck my strings - had a little event where one of the GS assemblers was on site demonstrating her techniques.

An evening with Asian babe GS representation, Japanese single malt whisky (no "e"), food and GS on display is not good for one's disposable income. Fortunately next month's shindig involves folks from Germany showing off some of their offerings. I might escape that one unscathed. Might.
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