A closer look at the Grand Seiko SBGR311

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A closer look at the Grand Seiko SBGR311

Post by koimaster » July 2nd 2018, 8:09am

Grand Seiko’s limited editions are, in their own way, hype machines. They generate huge buzz and are, in the pretty fanatical world of GS enthusiasts, hotter than the proverbial hot cakes. The SBGR311, unveiled in Basel earlier this year, is no exception. Ostensibly, it’s a celebration of the mighty 9S calibre, but it’s also a pretty compelling celebration of how awesome a brown dial can be. I mean, look at this thing — it’s rich, it’s textural, it’s got a super detailed mosaic pattern on it and it’s got gold highlights. If you had told me pre-Basel that I’d fall madly in love with a brown watch, I would have been too polite to laugh in your face, but there would have been a definite snicker. But now, after seeing this guy in all his warm, chocolatey rich glory, I am down for brown.

https://timeandtidewatches.com/video-a- ... o-sbgr311/


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