One Company Three Brands: Seiko, Grand Seiko, Credor

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One Company Three Brands: Seiko, Grand Seiko, Credor

Post by koimaster » March 12th 2018, 3:07pm

I don’t like to praise a brand at the cost of other brands, but Seiko and Grand Seiko almost lure me into doing this. When asked to choose between a famous Swiss brand from the Valley or Grand Seiko, my answer is different today than it would have been before 2015. In 2015, I visited the Grand Seiko manufactories in Japan. It was an eye-opener, as they say.

Although I started to appreciate Seiko and Grand Seiko before 2015 (at the time, this was still one company;however, since 2017 Grand Seiko has been a separate entity), the admiration really came once I witnessed the manufacturing process with my own eyes during an 8-day trip to a.o. Morioka and Shiojiri. It is here that Grand Seiko and Credor watches are being manufactured. ... r-p_26453/


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