Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Compression Two-Tone Hands-On

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Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Compression Two-Tone Hands-On

Post by Racer-X » September 6th 2018, 10:40pm

"The Zodiac reference ZO9271 is the first two-tone style version of the modern Super Sea Wolf Compression watch – and I think it has an excellent look to it. People who should look at this closely are those who want a solidly-made, vintage-style, quality movement-equipped, and accessibly-priced diver’s watch, but with a fashionable twist. That fashionable twist is the aesthetic look of steel and 18k yellow gold.

Zodiac doesn’t price the Super Sea Wolf Compression ZO9271 watch more than any other similar model in the product family but the gold of course isn’t real. Rather, it uses gold-tone coated steel for the bracelet’s center links, the bezel, dial elements, and the crown. At this under $1,400 price one wouldn’t expect real gold anyways, but what people do expect is a good mechanical movement and utility – which is an area where the Super Sea Wolf Compression most certainly does deliver."

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