I'm addicted to Sushi

Grillin n cookin
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Re: I'm addicted to Sushi

Post by MAX » August 5th 2022, 4:56am

Im more of a Sashimi guy. Sliced ginger and real Wasabi instead of all that rice.
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Re: I'm addicted to Sushi

Post by bedlam » August 5th 2022, 8:29am

Yeah, Japanese food does it for me too. The whole time I travelled in Japan I never had anything that wasn't fantastic. If they aren't that good at it they won't offer it on the menu. So everything available is great.

Even holds in the absolute back-blocks. I stopped at a tiny little place in country Japan...it had half a dozen chairs at most in the whole place. They served okonomiyaki that was the food highlight of the entire trip. Makes me want to go back just thinking about it.

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Re: I'm addicted to Sushi

Post by 3Flushes » August 7th 2022, 12:30am

smellody wrote:
August 6th 2022, 7:52am
3Flushes wrote:
August 6th 2022, 2:01am
Fish fan. Cooked.
Funny. I will not touch the stuff besides beer breaded with chips.
One of my favorites, too — with salt and vinegar, home made tartar sauce, and pickled baby perl onions.
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