National Noodle Day

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National Noodle Day

Post by smellody » October 6th 2023, 10:10am

Like most Americans, I've be3n slowly trying to kill myself with delicious carbs for the last five decades.

Since I'm still kicking let's celebrate national noodle day.

Pictured below is my gemelli pasta in my Milano plate from Gamberetti's last night. (I want to take Conjurer here next time his visits me.)


What do you say? Are you having noodles 🍜 today?

I'm having leftovers.
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Re: National Noodle Day

Post by jason_recliner » October 6th 2023, 3:18pm

News to me, and very good news at that. Looks delicious Dear Doc. I'll partake in the spirit of AUKUS. Not sure what exactly, yet, but we've been meaning to try a Chinese place in the city doing handmade noodles so that could be a nice break from renovations.
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Re: National Noodle Day

Post by 3Flushes » October 9th 2023, 5:06pm

smellody wrote:
October 6th 2023, 8:34pm
codguy wrote:
October 6th 2023, 3:25pm

Does this count??
It is all I can afford and am tired of eating pork & beans for my daily meals


Oh, and thanks for including both Mark and I in your Conjurer invite-------------


You guys can come too/also.

BTW boxed Mac and Cheese is the bomb.
Kraft - the GV powdered cheese sauce mix is gritty, by golly.
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Re: National Noodle Day

Post by gerdson » October 10th 2023, 7:21am

When I was a kid, spaghetti with meat sauce were my alltime favorite, also the leftover pasta, fried in a pan and seasoned with nothing but thyme, Worcestershire sauce and tomato ketchup, is still something I make on a regular basis. I was so fond of pasta, that I even had made up my mind then to once marry an Italian mama.

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Re: National Noodle Day

Post by Mark1 » October 10th 2023, 2:03pm

Well, if we ever do a get together in Portland, I'd suggest Frank's Noodle House.
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