20 Best Doxa Watches of All-Time

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20 Best Doxa Watches of All-Time

Post by koimaster » November 8th 2020, 10:08pm

Doxa is a watch brand that is known for high standards in workmanship and their purpose specific dive watches. Through the years, the examples have become popular with divers and in the 1960s and ‘ 70s, the signature orange dials were in high demand. In recent years, the Swiss brand that assembles each piece by hand has had a resurgence in popularity with reimagined versions of its best selling models with a vintage aesthetic, along with with new designs fro more modern times. Here are the 20 best Doxa watches of all-time.

https://moneyinc.com/best-doxa-watches- ... 2nN3tUO3O8


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Re: 20 Best Doxa Watches of All-Time

Post by MKTheVintageBloke » November 9th 2020, 4:47pm

Jeebus, these lunkheads shouldn't even touch the topic of vintage... No pictures for either of the two pieces described. Great.

The Anti-Magnetique, first appearing in 1954, really? Well, that's some load of bollocks... Doxa started putting that inscription on their dials just when everyone else did, in the 1930s, when everyone tried to match Tissot's commercial success.

As for the supposed "Waffen-SS" watch... 52mm-cased Doxa with some Nazi shit on it can be only one thing, a Ukrainian/otherwise Eastern European fake, usually a pocket watch conversion or a fantasy piece built around a Doxa-stamped generic pocket watch movement. That shite can be more or less ornate, with more or less spelling errors in the faux-Nazi stuff on the dial. Doxa did supply the Wehrmacht and the Luftwaffe, but these were ordinary "DH-spec" watches, stamped DH for the Wehrmacht, and D for the Luftwaffe.
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