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Doxa Sub 300T& Lip Repair

Posted: October 7th 2020, 10:42am
by koimaster
Seven Similarities: Why The Doxa Sub 300T Professional Is Like Lip Repair.
Posted on October 7, 2020Author Rick0 Comments

I bet you’ve already heard a bit about the Doxa Sub 300T, and how it took the place of Doxa’s previous, Sub 1200t model as a tribute to the 1969 300t Conquistador. About the specs of the watch (available in the end of this review for anyone interested), the pretty colors (#allthevitamins), the Helium Release Valve (that was rightfully, yet randomly, added), and those quirky, classic bezel measurements (that this author will never use, yet talks about like he’s Bruce the Shark and literally pi**es salt water).

You may even have heard the cool history of Doxa, and understand the allure of a tiny, red beanie, and so we’ll leave all that for now and get right to the meat. The meat, which in this case is a case for why the Doxa Sub 300t Professional is more or less like O´Keeffe’s lip repair. ... ip-repair/