Ran across this old thread @ tz-uk

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Re: Ran across this old thread @ tz-uk

Post by conjurer » September 9th 2020, 11:07pm

Nuvolari wrote:
September 9th 2020, 9:19pm
Me neither... I didn’t think they were aware that a lot of people find me to be a replica penis, but Conjurer probably said something. Damn it, it was supposed to be a surprise! Now I can’t read that thread either, thanks a lot.
I did indeed say something. AFAICR, I made some bad jibes about the Smiths Everest, basically regarding how the Brits were such absurd pussies that they didn't bother taking orders during their Christmas holidays, which apparently last for four months. I cited this for how low the UK had dropped in terms of World Trade; and how fucking stupid they were, and were, basically, a bunch of revolting cunts, or words of that nature. Having never been a member (!) at TZUK, I said as much here. Interestingly, Earnie Pyle or whomever the fuck came up with the Smiths Everest, reposted it at TZUK, because, to his credit, he thought it was funny.

Not surprisingly, most of the members (!) of TZUK were a bunch of Col. Blimp motherfuckers, and got their panties in a bunch over the fact that a Yankee would break Brit balls like this. (This is when one of them called me an absolute penis, which is, actually, quite true.) However, Alain was a member there, and like any pal, jumped in to defend me; he, rather uncomfortably for our British cousins, pointed out that the Americans had twice, in the last century, enlisted to make sure that the English didn't end up speaking German.

This is, of course, pretty true. I recall a member of the old BDWF contacting me, imploring me to reign in Alain, as the Special Relationship was at stake. Interestingly, when I finally got the Smiths Everest about a month later, I deemed it to be a piece of fucking shit, and said so, and sold it, forthwith.

Anyway, the Special Relationship with the Brits remains to this day, and the Smiths Everest is still a piece of fucking shit.
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