The Doxa Sub 200 Professional

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The Doxa Sub 200 Professional

Post by koimaster » February 24th 2020, 10:29am

Of all of the watches to hit the market over the past year or so, none has resulted in me receiving more emails, comments, and DMs than the Doxa Sub 200. It's a new entry-level model from the fun-loving and underappreciated Swiss dive-watch company that is easily best known for the funky and distinctive cushion case designs established by their classic Sub 300 in 1967. With the funk dialed somewhere towards a more standard volume, the Sub 200's design connects to the early '60s and the brand's days before the Sub 300 was the tool of choice for the likes of Jacques Cousteau, Dirk Pitt, and Joseph Turner.

So without further ado, here it is: The sub-$1,000 Doxa diver that mixes classic dive watch styling with a taste of Doxa's truly colorful character. For those who haven't had the product page bookmarked since it was launched, the Sub 200 is 42mm wide with a steel case, solid steel caseback, and bubble-domed sapphire crystal contributing to a 14mm thickness. Lug to lug is 45mm, the lug width is 19mm (boo), and it is offered on either a steel "beads of rice" style bracelet or a color-matched rubber strap. Water-resistant to 200 meters with a signed screw-down crown, like most Doxas, the Sub 200 comes in your choice of several colors.

Doxa has specific names for their dial colors, including "Sharkhunter" (black), "Searambler" (silver), "Caribbean" (mid-tone blue), "Divingstar" (yellow), "Aquamarine" (turquoise), and what is arguably their signature color, "Professional" (orange). Unlike many of the brand's most iconic models, which feature a steel twin-scale "no deco" bezel, the Sub 200 uses a black bezel insert with color-matched markings. While the orange coloring of the Sub 200 is quite a bit different than the orange coloring I've experienced on other Professional Doxa models (more on that in a moment), the dial and the bezel colors are quite nicely matched (which can't be all that easy to do). ... roposition


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Re: The Doxa Sub 200 Professional

Post by MKTheVintageBloke » February 24th 2020, 5:30pm

It's not a bad-looking design. But it's probably just no good as a watch - first, because it's as orange as these spray-tanned bimbos with algae-eater lips tend to be, and second, because fuck Doxa.

Oh, and fuck the Donkeys.
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Re: The Doxa Sub 200 Professional

Post by conjurer » February 24th 2020, 11:00pm

While Doxa is now the Work of the Devil, back when I owned a Divingstar, a very fine MILF with a French accent commented to me how fine the watch looked, and I popped a boner. This has never happened, to the best of my recollection, with any other watch I've worn.

Apart from that, fuck Doxa.
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Re: The Doxa Sub 200 Professional

Post by MAX » February 25th 2020, 6:09am

Wanted a Doxa since the early days of reading Dirk Pitt novels and filled out the orders forms several times but I could just never bring myself to pull the trigger. This one will be no different.

I can almost put Doxa and Invicta in the same category now. Early models not bad but they started believing their own hype.
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Re: The Doxa Sub 200 Professional

Post by TemerityB » February 25th 2020, 8:02am

Doxa is the Invicta of Jean Marcels.
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