FYI, Doxa is no longer a Sponsor on WUS

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FYI, Doxa is no longer a Sponsor on WUS

Post by koimaster » October 9th 2019, 10:45am

FYI, Doxa is no longer a Sponsor on WUS

Greetings fellow Doxa enthusiasts,
As our perceptive friend Doctor Peter Millar pointed out a week ago 'the forum isn't an official Doxa forum. It has no ties to Doxa at all and is just for us owners and fanbois'. To dispel rumors, this forum is funded by an anonymous benefactor for the use and enjoyment of fellow Doxa owners and enthusiasts. Please don't post here with the expectation that someone from Doxa will see your post and address your concerns because they won't unless they become a proper Sponsor, which at this time they are not. If you need to contact Doxa please visit either their website, Facebook, or Instagram pages.

Thank you!

It is now officially known as the DOXA Owners Club which I assume the ass wipe who helped destroy the original BDWF is sponsoring. Timing of the name change is the same as Doxa taking over the Sub line from Rick the asswipe.


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Re: FYI, Doxa is no longer a Sponsor on WUS

Post by biglove » October 9th 2019, 3:13pm

Racer-X wrote:
October 9th 2019, 11:48am
I can’t believe how bad the WUS mobile version is and ads everywhere.
Is unusable on mobile. And don’t try the desktop version on mobile, is no better.

Bazillions of ads.
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Re: FYI, Doxa is no longer a Sponsor on WUS

Post by MKTheVintageBloke » October 9th 2019, 4:44pm

Bet that doesn't change their proclivity for questioning the laws of optics, and the local Gestapo will remain as it was, heil-ing the Jessie Nancy Jenny boys.
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