DOXA SUB 800Ti - Lost a lot of its lustre

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DOXA SUB 800Ti - Lost a lot of its lustre

Post by koimaster » June 6th 2019, 9:44am

If some of you dig back you will find the rave review I posted of this acquisition last August from its arrival in July

It was Orange dialled, Titanium and had precious Tritium in its innards.

It was one of my all-time must have watches and the brands reputation was hove reproach.

Owning the ting has been a different story, however.

A couple of months after receiving it , I pulled the crown out to adjust the time - it's one of 50 odd , so it doesn't get worm a lot - and the whole crown came out in my hand!

I was horrified!

I contacted DOXA and asked where in Australia I could take it for warranty service. The initial response was that this was user error and that any local watch place could fix it.

I got rather annoyed by this. and pointed out again that the watch was very new and was one of a large collection and that no other ETA powered watch from other manufacturers in my collection had ever had such a problem and I was very disappointed that they would not cover the warranty on this.

I was told in this instance they would fix it and was told I had to send it back to Switzerland.

It was gone for two months.

When it returned, I had it for a few days and the the hour hand started to shed some sort of layer under the hand. ... c9ANt0SDyc


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