Doxa History from their site.

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Doxa History from their site.

Post by koimaster » May 13th 2019, 10:41am

The Synchron Group was formed in 1967. Doxa SUBs then changed from a ship caseback to the Synchron rotor. In 1978 Aubry Freres then took over Doxa and the Synchron logo disappeared. The wiki page for Doxa has a warning about the accuracy of the information. I can find no records that show the true relationship between The Synchron Group and Jenny.

When you say “DOXA” to a dive watch collector, they automatically think of the iconic tonneau cased, orange dialed diver with the decompression bezel immortalized by Clive Cussler’s adventure hero Dirk Pitt. Starting in 1967 and continuing to the present, this classic and uniquely styled diver epitomizes DOXA dive watches. Over the decades the DOXA Sub has gone through many iterations, some subtle and some not so, yet still retaining the styling cues that make it unique. However, in 1978 DOXA was acquired by the Aubry Freres Company, and during the early 1980’s they produced some radically different designs in addition to the classic tonneau divers. Now, I won’t go in to the whole DOXA Sub history here, but the Aubry story bears telling. ... arkhunter/

Although the classic orange dial SUB 300T was dropped from production in the mid 1970s, Doxa did not stop making dive watches for at least another 10 years. Most vintage Doxas are pretty rare, but the later ones which also have the higher depth ratings are especially few and far between. I was lucky enough to get hold of both a SUB 600T and SUB 750T Searambler. What follows is a photographic review of 2 very different watches.

VINTAGE 600T.pdf


Image ... e-centres/

The continuing lies of Doxa are in red in the PDF file.

Image ... ving_units ( Never have been Elite Swiss Army Divers, EVER!)


The Orange dial claims have been debunked for years now by us and others.


doxa history asia and europe.pdf
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