Doxa SUB 300 50th Anniversary

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Doxa SUB 300 50th Anniversary

Post by koimaster » March 1st 2018, 11:06am

"That is a beautiful watch." said the woman in the supermarket check-out line. "Such a cool shape. And that orange dial - I love it!"

This is a pretty typical reaction to the Doxa SUB 300 50th Anniversary Professional. Watch nerds dig it, Mrs. Time Bum noticed it, even random strangers who catch a glimpse of it while I'm stocking up on Cheerios aren't immune to its charms. I certainly fell for it. I borrowed this minty example from a fellow collector last summer so I could review it, and ended up buying it from him as soon as I took my first set of pictures. Of course, once it was mine, there was no urgency to complete that review. New arrivals kept bumping it down my priority list - until today, that is. Supermarket lady has inspired me to fire up the laptop and get this done.

Speaking of orange, my second nitpick involves that gloriously citrusy dial, or rather, the myth of it. It is perhaps the defining feature of this watch. Fans and even one or two reviewers have expounded on its superior underwater visibility. This is a misconception that Doxa does nothing to dispel. As they explain on their site, when designing the original SUB 300, the team experimented with different colors to improve visibility. Orange was the winner because it was most visible down to 30 feet. To this day, they proclaim that “nobody had ever even conceived as something this radical - an orange dial?!” I’ll agree that it certainly made a mark for Doxa, but I doubt it does much else.

As light passes through water, the shorter wavelengths disperse, so the deeper you go, the fewer colors you see. It varies by surface conditions and water clarity but generally, orange starts desaturating before you reach 10m as red light waves filter out, and it turns completely gray by 20m. Recall that Doxa tested visibility at a depth of 30 feet, not 30 meters. But it doesn’t matter because even if you spend your whole dive near the surface, vibrancy doesn’t help you read your watch, contrast does. That is why the vast majority of diving watch dials are white on black. Yes, you will most likely be able to appreciate your orange dial for the shallower parts of your dive, but it seems to be less for utility than for brand identification. ... rsary.html


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