Hodonkee asks the wrong guy about dive watches

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Hodonkee asks the wrong guy about dive watches

Post by bedlam » April 24th 2022, 10:47pm

The Donkee puts forward a commercial diver to tell us about dive watches...FFS

Commercial divers don't use dive watches or dive computers - he has no idea what he is talking about in terms of the usefulness of either when scuba diving. I remember talking to Todd Caldwell who started Aegir and he wasn't really all that into watches beyond the process of making his own, and didn't seem to have much experience with them in a scuba environment. Commercial divers use watches in much the same way as non-divers, just with the exception of needing to deal with helium in their decompression environment.

Also, the Donkee guy claims all dive watches have crown stems which can be released to act like HEV's. Um, nope. Most Seiko's divers have stem seals that are unaffected by the crown being engaged or released. They always form a seal. If you try his approach with many dive watches you risk a cracked crystal.

https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/a-com ... dive-watch
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