Tornek-Rayville: An icon resurfaces

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Tornek-Rayville: An icon resurfaces

Post by koimaster » July 31st 2021, 9:59pm

Recently an email dropped into my inbox with the header: “Tornek-Rayville: An icon resurfaces”. It detailed the reboot of the semi-mythical watch brand that supplied watches to the US Navy in the early 1960s. This sort of resurrection comes along fairly regularly in which a dormant watch brand with some claims of an illustrious past is suddenly awakened for the here and now. Similar stories include Czapek, Blancpain, Fears, Timor and Ferdinand Berthoud to name but a few. It’s an intriguing phenomenon because, let’s face it, businesses usually become sidelined only after they’ve spluttered into a state of terminal decline. So why is this trend so prevalent in the watch game with brands jolted back to life for a second crack at the market? ... -the-dead/


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