Mechanical depth gauge

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Mechanical depth gauge

Post by koimaster » June 15th 2021, 11:45pm

A few years ago IWC was the first Swiss watch brand to make a high end mechanical watch with a mechanical depth gauge, the famous IWC Deep One. I can still remember the first time i saw that watch, it was for me the most beautiful divewatch i’d ever seen. And i guess untill this day it’s one of my favorite dive watches. ... -gallery-1


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Re: Mechanical depth gauge

Post by bedlam » June 16th 2021, 3:39am

I reckon keeping the gauge clean would be a nightmare
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Re: Mechanical depth gauge

Post by Hawk » June 17th 2021, 4:18pm

jason_recliner wrote:
June 16th 2021, 3:46am
Ok to be fair I only just noticed this article is from 2008. Electronic depth gauges possibly weren't invented back then. I wouldn't know, I'm a Millennial. I haven't done any research.
Middle 1980s I believe was when they became more or less viable. Suunto was on board shortly after. Both predated the doc telling me that was one hobby I’d never see again.

I don’t recall the cost. Probably before you were born anyway.

I suppose it doesn’t make less sense than a Ball thermometer watch, a tour-be-whirly thingie or a world timer for someone who never leaves home. At least you can use a dive watch to time boiled eggs.
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