Enicar Sherpas Chronometer

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Enicar Sherpas Chronometer

Post by koimaster » February 2nd 2021, 10:24am

Mid of last year I got an interesting Enicar from a guy who bought it 20 years ago himself. The seller two decades ago was an old Swedish gentleman, who told the story, that this particular watch was part of a Swedish arctic expedition in the 1950s.

The watch I am talking about is this lovely Enicar Sherpas Ultrasonic Chronometer, Ref. 100/76 AaNS. From the outside it looks like the known Seapearl and Healthway dive watches, but in difference to them it houses an automatic Cal. AR 1134 movement with chronometer certificate. Chronometer watches from Enicar are very rare, cause Enicar has its own title for these type of super accuarate watches, called Supertest.

But lets come back to the polar story. It was a nice story, which could have been true, but also just made up to sell the watch. Thanks to some Enicar 50s and 60s ads, we know that Enicar really sponsored the Swedish-Finnish-Swiss expediton of the Geophysical Year 1957/58, lead by “Institut Suisse de Météorologie” director Jean Lugeon.

https://enicar101.com/2021/01/20/enicar ... mp1ILxsEYI


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