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Enicar Sherpa Dive

Post by koimaster » January 25th 2021, 11:31am

We all know that Enicar watches, especially the Sherpa ones use highly waterproof cases, build by Erwin Piquerez SA, short EPSA. Those compressor cases are iconic and used by several companies as well. The ones for Enicar though, are special. Instead of a screw back , EPSA and Enicar developed the bayonet caseback. This is a feature you only find on Enicar watches. The first watches with that system, like the one in the following ads, appeared in 1955.

https://enicar101.com/2021/01/01/hans-h ... SReP9vpYfo


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Re: Enicar Sherpa Dive

Post by gerdson » January 26th 2021, 7:40am

That is one dive watch, that I may also still want to buy. Compared to the "two-crown" professional diver watches from Enicar, these are still "quite affordable" - but of course also very often have issues. In particular with the diver ring, but also with poor dial/hand condition. The movement however would not be a concern, spare part availability is still acceptably good for Enicar calibers - apart from the particular parts for the 24h versions.
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