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Classic and Cool Dive Watches

Post by koimaster » December 27th 2020, 5:58pm

It’s not that long ago that a dive watch was an essential part of a diver’s equipment. Prior to the advent of affordable dive computers, the ability to measure dive time and calculate no-decompression limits, as mandated by dive tables, was vital for safe diving.

The first waterproof timepiece was manufactured by Rolex in 1926, worn by endurance swimming champion Mercedes Gleitze during her crossing of the English Channel. The first dive watch to feature the rotating bezel was Blancpain’s ‘Fifty Fathoms’ released in 1954 and used by Jacques Cousteau. In the same year, Rolex produced the Submariner, later popularised in the 1962 James Bond film Dr No.

The saturation of the market with inexpensive, multi-faceted dive computers has, for many divers, rendered the practical necessity of an underwater watch mostly redundant. There are exceptions. While recreational diving has reached a point where the teaching of dive tables has become an optional extra alongside computer-based training, technical divers will often carry two computers, hand-written slates and a robust analogue timepiece as backup. ... ve-watches


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