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Bohen Dive Watches

Post by koimaster » June 6th 2020, 9:15am

I am a watch designer.
I have filed three watchmaking innovation patents in my career.

25 years ago, my employers said my models were too expensive to manufacture.
Today, nothing has changed: my watches offer very high-end finishes, premium materials, Swiss manufacturing, uncompromising quality and racy style .
It's all your advantage. Why ? Because we sell our products directly, and our margin is X2. Therefore, Bohen watches are between four and six times lower prices compared to the big brands .


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Re: Bohen Dive Watches

Post by MKTheVintageBloke » June 6th 2020, 1:39pm

Mehhh. Besides...
Helium exhaust valve.
I just had my exhaust valve release some methane.
Swiss Automatic movement in premium finish + decor.
Why, that tells me exactly nothing about the movement.
This term has to be some sort of a medley of "anal" and "magnetic." In horological terms, anti-magnetic = possessing a quality of enhanced resistance to magnetic fields, and amagnetic = impervious to magnetic fields. Or pretending to be impervious to them.
Beauty of hand finishes.

Got to be the catchphrase from An Onanist's Diary, occurring the very moment the story reaches its Kleenex climax.
Aerospace standard stainless steel box,
Does it fucking fly?
1st Watch equipped with an internal date magnifier :
A date magnifier is a magnification system intended to enlarge the date numerals.
That could make a swell a Monty Python sketch.
For the Bohen Mille Mer, I wanted something impossible: combining a curved glass and a magnifying dates lens. Normally, it is not possible because a date lens needs to be glued on a flat glass.
Therefore, I developed an innovating device unprecedented in the watchmaking world: a lens connected by two bridges to a titanium ring, placed between the sapphire dome and the hands. This innovation required numerous long-term resistance calculations and extreme adjustment precision.
Yeah, well, interesting. Care to remind me what's the point of it? In non-Pythonesque terms, please.
Currently the only diver 1.000m with crown at 12 o'clock
Both unusual and unnecessary.
Counter-slope dial.

Dials with counter-sloping edges (edges downwards inclined) are generally found on luxury watch models. They give a magnificent effect of depth but they are too bulky to fit into a diving watch. We have studied this issue and we have found a solution. So, our counter-slope dial brings the unique touch that gives a strong identity to our watches.
Fuck, that's unfair. How do I roast this without being accused of anti-Asian slur?
Multiple Treatments .
You're gonna need 'em.
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