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5 watches And Marine Conservation

Posted: April 19th 2020, 7:19pm
by koimaster
Five Watches That Made A Difference For Marine Conservation Featured Articles

Collaboration and constraints imposed by purpose-driven utility have spawned some of the most enduring and iconic watches of all time: Consider the Omega Speedmaster and its lasting history with NASA and space exploration, or a Rolex Milsub (ref. 6538 or 5512), designed for use by the Royal British Navy. But perhaps one of the richest and most storied tales of collaboration exists between scuba divers and manufacturers of dive watches (for a full history of the dive watch, see David Bredan’s article here). Throughout the late 20th century, working directly with divers and dive organizations ultimately led to innovations in technology (increased water-resistance, improved gaskets and seals, helium escape valves), but also spawned a slew of creative designs, from orange-dialed DOXAs to the retro-futuristic Omega PloProf. However, working with divers and creating watches designed to thrive in an underwater environment also brought another important problem to light: the dire state of the world’s oceans. ... servation/