The Orion Calamity Diver

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The Orion Calamity Diver

Post by koimaster » September 18th 2019, 8:42am

While much of the so-called microbrand market leans pretty hard on the whole "new vintage" trend (shtick?), that doesn't mean it's the only option for a dive watch enthusiast on the hunt for something a bit more insider (and uncommon) than your run-of-the-mill Seikos or Hamiltons. Enter Orion Watches and their Calamity Diver, which makes a strong argument for a more modern dive watch with broad appeal.

A relative newcomer, Orion has produced a handful of well-received watches that struck a balance between field and dressy designs, but the Calamity is their first go at making a dive watch. Offered only in steel with a trio of dial colors (black, green, and the navy blue shown here), the Calamity is 40mm wide, 11.3mm thick, and 48mm lug to lug. Thickness is measured at the top of the domed sapphire crystal, with the case flank being closer to 10.5mm thick.

The proportions are great for a legible and very wearable dive watch that manages to feel both solid and svelte on wrist. From the moment I sized the steel bracelet, I was surprised by how much the Calamity felt like my old Omega 2254 Seamaster. It's not quite as flat, but it does sit low, the bracelet isn't especially thick, and the lug shape ensured a nice fit on my 7-inch wrist. One note of fair warning on the bracelet, it's hard to size. While I might have had a prototype example, the design uses pin and collar fittings and required not only a pin pusher (duh) but also a pair of pliers and roughly the force I might attribute to a field wisdom tooth removal. Your results may vary and once sized it certainly doesn't matter, but those pins put up a fight. ... r-hands-on


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Re: The Orion Calamity Diver

Post by MKTheVintageBloke » September 18th 2019, 1:22pm

Mehhh. Besides, a pin and sleeve bracelet? FFS, hardly anyone uses that these days. Citizen does, for the titanium bracelets. Apart from that, most manufacturers have moved to cotter pins or screws. The former takes far less tools and effort, the latter - just a screwdriver, which means one tool, and no effort at all.

Fuck the pin and sleeve system. Almost all boutiques without a workshop/watchmaker on the spot will add or remove links in a bracelet held by cotter pins. And almost all of them will - in a heartbeat - refuse to even touch a pin and sleeve bracelet.

Oh, and fuck the Donkeys.
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Re: The Orion Calamity Diver

Post by TemerityB » September 18th 2019, 8:11pm

If I'm gonna buy a watch with an ETA 2892, it'll a Hamilton or a Tissot or Omega. Yeah, I'll drop good coin on a "who? what?" brand.

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